Featuring Mary's LIVE personal home security system:  Gorilla & Mobster !




Gorilla:  Female Bull Mastiff : age 4.  weights 127

Mobster:  Male Bull Mastiff: age 3 weights 133

Gorilla and Mobster  like to share my lazy boy chair together, as they look out the front window.  Notice the gates put up over the front windows, that's cause Gorilla actually jumped through the glass a few months ago!  She doesn't like when people come to the front door.....UPS hates us!


So what do dogs have to do with dancing? Absolutely nothing!
But they are so good they deserve their own section,

the heck with all you dancers!

Gorilla turned 1 last summer, here she is in her birthday hat!

I felt sorry for Gorilla, I was always leaving her alone to go out dancing.
I tried to dress her up and take her with me,
but she has two left feet!

I decided to get her a friend to play with, so along came Mobster.
Mobster was only 7 weeks old when I got him. Gorilla HATED him!
He was very jealous. Mobster could not make it up on the couch,

so had to settle for the floor.

At 2 months they became best friends!
Mobster started growing at an incredible rate!

By 3 months Mobster was able to make it up on the couch!

And by 4 months, they both decided they would rather
sleep under the cushions rather than on top of them

At 5 months, Mobster weighed 63 pounds,
and now has no problem making it up on the bed either.

Since Mobster was a baby, once a month I take him to the station for a visit. Pictured here left is Mobster at 7 weeks, wrapped in a sweater to keep him warm. Every month Sgt. Dave takes a break from crime to hold Mobster for a picture. In this last picture taken at 6 months, one wonders how much longer this can go on? Look below here.  Oct 26th I took Mobster in for a visit wearing his new blue windbreaker cause its now cold outside!  This time, Dave decided he'd be better off, NOT trying to hold Mobster, so a side by side shot was taken. So here they are, Uncle Dave ( age unknown) and Mobster ( age 10 months).

Oct 26th 2005

Tara, our young bride, has jumped on the dog bandwagon.
She got little Bobbi, a Boston Terrier. Bobbi only weighs 4 pounds!
Now that's a dog you could dress up cute!

Recently Tara & Bobbi came home for a visit...Here's Mobster & Bobbi, both are
 6 months old!  A little difference in size!

Here's a dog who actually has to work for a living.
Pictured here is canine officer Timo, with
his favorite human, officer Tony.

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