FAST CARS AND FREEDOM              

                                                   FAST FORWARD

                                                   FIGHTING THOSE BLUEJEANS 

                                                   FINGER LICKIN'

                                                    FLY AWAY          

                                                    FOOLS & BEER

                                            GEORGIA PEACH   

                                                   GIT YER COYBOY ON                   

                                                   GUDE DIRECTIONS                            


                                                  GORDITA LINDA

                                                   GOT NO SENSE    


                                                    HARDWOOD STOMP      


                                                      HELL OF A POLKA

                                                     HOLIDAY DREAMS

                                                     HONKY TONK BOOT'S     

                                                    HOT SUMMER SALSA

                                                     I DON'T CARE   

                                                     I GOT MY GAME ON      

                                            IN A HICKTOWN

                                                    I'M WRAPPED      

                                                     I'M YOURS    

                                                     IRISH STEW

                                                     ISLAND CHA CHA                           

                                                     I'VE BEEN WATCHING YOU            


                                                    JAILHOUSE CREOLE

                                                     JAZZY JOE'S   

                                            JUST A BIT OUT OF LINE       

                                                 JUST A MEMORY          

                                                  JUST FOR GRINS                              

                                                   JUST MY LUCK   



                                                     KEEP IT SIMPLE     


                                                     KEVIN'S WALTZ                                                                                                                

                                                     KEY LIME

                                                     KILL THE SPIDERS



                                                  LEAVING OF LIVERPOOL       

                                    LET IT ROLL, LET IT RIDE      

                                                  LET IT SHINE, SHINE, SHINE     

                                                  LITTLE BIT OF LIFE     

                                                  LIVING IN THE BIG TIME                               


                                                       LOUISIANA KICK


                                                       MADHOUSE TO THE MAX     

                                                       MAGIC MOON  

                                                       MAKING WAVES                 


                                                        ME & MY GANG      

                                                       MILLER MAGIC   

                                                       MISTER IN BETWEEN


                                                        MR. PINSTRIPE  

                                                       MY MARIA    

                                                       MY WISH                        

                                               NOTHIN' BUT THE TAILLIGHTS



                                                      OPIE STOMP  (GOOD BROWN GRAVY) 



                                                     PEPPER SHAKER

                                                     PERFECT MATCH  


                                              QUENCH YOUR THIRST ( SUDS IN THE BUCKET)

                                                       RED BANDANA      

                                                      RED HIGH HEELS 

                                                       RED HOT ROCK N ROLLER                                 

                                                       REGGAE COWBOY                           

                                                       RIDE'EM COWBOY 


                                                 ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK

                                                       ROCK THIS PARTY  

                                                       ROCKIN' RAILROAD                    


                                                        RHYTHM  ROCK          


                                                        SAY HEY   


                                                         SHE'S A FIRECRACKER        

                                                        SHOW ME WHAT U GOT            


                                                        SIMPLY MAMBO                       

                                                       SKY LOVES BLUE                 

                                                       SLIDIN' HOME

                                                        SMOKEY PLACES

                                                         SO LONG, I'M GONE   

                                                          SOUTHERN HEAT                

                                                          STRAIT CHA     

                                                           STRAIT TALK                                       

                                                        STRAY CAT STRUT

                                                        START TO SWAY                         

                                                 SWEET PEA

                                                        SWEET SWEET SMILE :)              



                                                      TAKE A BREATHER 

                                                       TAKIN' IT EASY                     

                                                       TENNESSEE TOUCH      

                                                      TEQUILA MAKES HER CLOTHES FALL OFF

                                                       THIS LITTLE LIGHT

                                                 TRAIN WRECK


                                                        VICTORY SHOUT      

                                                        WALKING BACKWARDS                       

                                                       WAVE ON WAVE    

                                                        WAY UP YONDER           

                                                        WHO'S WATCHING


                                                      WISHFUL THINKING           


                                                        YEE HAW

                                                       YOUNG AGAIN, LOVE AGAIN                      


                                                 YOUNG MAN

                                                      YOU ARE THE WORLD

                                                       YOU'RE MY JAMAICA     

                                                        ZJOZZYS FUNK              


                                      ZYDECO LADY