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Here's all my children, all cleaned up. This was
taken at Tara's wedding. From left to right we have
Michael, Tara Gretchen, and Brigitte

Congratulations to Gretchen on her recent engagement!  They plan to get married next Oct. in Vegas!  Wonder if I can bring the dogs?

Pictured here, is DR. Gretchen Harwood.  She received her PHD in May at age 27!

In case you haven't guessed, she is the brains in the family!

No, you're not seeing double.....Tara trying to keep up with the rest of this dog loving family, has a new addition also.   Bernie (left) another Boston terrier.  Bobbi is on the right.  Only Tara looked at the camera....

 Michael took me & Kristen to the zoo!  Here we are in the rain forest.

Here's Tara, after finishing her 26.2 mile run!  She says she's going to do it again!


Here's our little Tara with her new husband Ryan!
They have moved back from Tampa and now live in Athens,Oh.


Here is Gretchen with her honey Matt, at their Halloween party

 Here they all are.....Brigitte, Gretchen, and Tara


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